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Unlocking the Power of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B) in Your Organization

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Feel. Learn. Act.

Our approach is simple, yet powerful: Feel it (training), Learn it (what’s holding back progress), and Act (create genuine workplace change).

What We Do

We work to help individuals and organizations gain traction in making inclusion and belonging real by getting everyone engaged. 

Consulting, Coaching and Assessments

Enhance your DEI growth with one or more of our consulting services. We provide a wide range of services, from 1:1 coaching to strategic development and organizational change. Working with us in this way gives you the most tailored approach to our services and allows us to meet you exactly where you are.


Our workshops foster transformative learning experiences, empowering organizations to cultivate inclusive cultures. Through dynamic sessions, we address critical DEIB topics, including unconscious bias, privilege, and allyship, equipping participants with actionable strategies to promote diversity and foster a sense of belonging within their teams. Our expert facilitators blend theory with interactive exercises, creating safe spaces for reflection and dialogue.

Digital DEI

Digital DEI is a scalable, cost-effective way to get everyone engaged in creating cultures of inclusion, belonging, and equity. Modules, videos, and engaging online content guide learners through a variety of topics from identity to modern social movements.

My Purpose

Understanding and working with difference drives success, but not everyone is on board. I am passionate about working with those who don’t yet embrace DEI&B as a business strategy and getting everyone engaged. Driven by the ethos Feel, Learn, and Act we foster understanding and competency on DEI&B for better business outcomes.

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20+ Fortune 500 Companies and 100s of Leaders

I work with leaders who want to support diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging but may not know how to do so effectively. From there, I help their organizations develop engagement strategies that bring everyone to the table.

"So many nuggets of great information. I especially loved the "invite them in - give them the same opportunity" tip."
Missy Bright
HR Director
"My 35 years in HR have landed me in many 'hot topic' seminars. Few have provided the practical thinking behind the issue - Jim did a strong job. I'll be picking up the book!"
Brett Hutchens
Independent HR Consultant
Book cover of Gaslights and Dog Whistles: Standing Up For Facts Over Fiction in a Fearful and Divided World


Gaslights & Dog Whistles

Learn how to stand up for facts, teaching real history, and the important work of diversity, equity and inclusion in schools, businesses and organizations.

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