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Leading Inclusively


The business case for DEI&B has been proven, so what’s the problem?

Some organizations are making real progress in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEI&B). Many are not. Research suggests we’re at 50% in both columns.

It’s not due to a lack of training for front line employees. Many jumped on the training bandwagon in 2020-2021 after the killing of innocent men and women of color sparked a renewed focus on equity and understanding the impacts of bias.

But training alone doesn’t create traction for change, and when senior leaders delegate DEI&B to their staff without claiming how DEI&B is important to them personally, employees notice.

We work to help clients gain traction in making inclusion and belonging real by getting everyone engaged.  Feel it (training), Learn it (what’s holding back progress), and Act (create genuine workplace change).

My Purpose

My audience is people like me. I work with leaders – often, but not always, white and male – and their organizations to make diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging stick. I have a particular passion for working with the leaders who often feel the least comfortable or skilled at leading or sponsoring DEI&B efforts. 

Understanding and working with difference is essential in any situation, so that’s most often where we begin. When difference is accepted and embraced, people feel like they belong, which means they can devote more energy to doing work. And when enough of them feel like they belong and can focus more on doing a great job, the organization’s results improve. This isn’t a theory—it’s real. Leading inclusively has an endless learning curve. Don’t be daunted; it’s worth it.  

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