Digital DEI

Develop customized learning pathways that let you pick the content, pace, and depth of employees' experience throughout their DEI journeys.

Our digital learning answers questions like:

  • How do I “lead inclusively?”
  • What do people mean when they refer to terms like “microaggression,” or “systemic advantage,” and why should I know them or even care?
  • I’m getting ready to travel to Dubai for business, and I know there are traditions and social norms there that are different from home. What are those practices, and what do I need to learn to not offend my hosts or appear culturally insensitive?

Blended Learning

Research shows that learner retention and application increase significantly when Digital learning is augmented with live learning sessions. Digital learning is not a “check-the-box” or click-through process like e-learning. Exercises typically require the learners to practice and apply the skills they learn. Our faculty and facilitators are trained in creating engaging and compelling pathways that mix customized stackable learning experiences.

Micro-Learning Library

Help leaders raise organizational awareness and stay ahead of the curve with thought-provoking content on both traditional and emerging topics.

  • Learners gravitate to their interests and needs and learn at their own pace
  • Topics range from pressing, emergent DEI issues to foundational concepts 
  • Our tools are designed to be actionable – the learner becomes the teacher

The Outcomes

  • Increase understanding of a broad range of dimensions of diversity
  • Anticipate and manage the impact rapidly changing conditions have on employees
  • Equip leaders with the skills to facilitate real-time conversations about intersectional differences, social issues, and dimensions of diversity 
  • Apply and learn diversity with real-world, emerging issues

Get Started with Digital DEI Learning

Our Approach

Our approach is simple, yet powerful: Feel it (training), Learn it (what’s holding back progress), and Act (create genuine workplace change).

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