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Equity in Action

Executive Accelerator

Moving from learning events to organizational implementation is the most important step that any organization can take. It is also one of the hardest.  To invigorate the process, we use a retreat-based “incubator” format that invites leaders from across the organization to explore together the needed shifts in process, practice, structure, and behavior to support transformation in workplace culture.

The precursor to this two-and-a-half day (or 15 hours virtually) incubator is sufficient equity, engagement, and representation assessment data to assess the current state and to fully understand the employee and stakeholder experience.

Through this compelling and challenging Incubator, you will…

  1. Continue to deepen your interpersonal and communication skills when it comes to belonging, inclusion and equity.
  2. Learn how to consider multiple elements of equity in the formation of plans, practices and policies.
  3. Develop your systems-thinking skills in designing effective equity engagement strategies.
  4. Begin to craft and plan for the deployment of new ways of engaging and supporting employees.
  5. Create and/or improve your organization’s equity roadmap. 
  6. Leave ready to make substantive improvements in your part of the organization.

Workshop Information and Details:

  • For senior decision makers who are empowered and expected to develop and implement new or revised practices, policies, and plans
  • Best for diverse groups of 12-30 participants
  • In person sessions are conducted over three consecutive days. 
  • Virtual sessions may be conducted in three consecutive days or broken out over two weeks.
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