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Feel. Learn. Act.

Exceptional leaders have empathy. They can notice and name their own feelings. That’s how we approach professional development. 

We teach you how to “Feel, Learn and Act” your way into higher performance:


Feel means learning to hear and appreciate the lived experience of different people and groups within your organization. First, we invite you to listen to and understand your own feelings. Then, we help you learn how to pay attention to the experiences and feelings of others, especially when they experience the world differently than you do. Everybody has a story—are you ready to hear and feel theirs?

Learn involves understanding the DEI&B (diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging) concepts, tools, and habits that can help you become a more inclusive and effective leader. Learn evidence-based and practical strategies for preventing bias, as well as tactical steps for creating high-performing, diverse teams. In addition, you’ll learn how to synthesize DEI&B principles with everything else you learn and do in your role.

Act requires confidence, vision, and a plan for how you and your direct reports get DEI&B work done. Learning without applying it to substantive action may be personally gratifying, but that is not enough. Making progress in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging requires practical action-taking activities at work. You’ll discover new ways to incorporate what you learn into your daily leadership practice. Taking action isn’t hard to conceptualize, but it is hard to DO because it takes courage, a willingness to disrupt old patterns, and the discipline to stay the course. 


Take Action

Our learning events focus on application—taking action. Our advisory, coaching, and consulting services help move the needle on results as well.  Find Out More or Book a Workshop


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