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Because of their enormous impact on the U.S. workforce, we are currently focusing on inclusive leadership development for front line leaders in the construction and engineering industries.

Note: This focus in no way takes away the need for senior leaders in these industries from doing their work on creating inclusion and belonging at work. Both C-suite and front line leaders in these industries need support as inclusive leaders. 

We have developed two parallel programs that teach the same competencies/behaviors in two different ways:

  1. A cohort (learning group) and blended learning program that involves asynchronous (learners watch videos and do exercises on their own time at their own pace) digital learning micro-modules coupled with cohort-based coaching meetings led by skilled Inclusion coaches/facilitators.
  2. An in-person or virtual 6-hour  “Inclusive Leader Workshop” that can be conducted all at once or over the course of two days.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a practical understanding of the definitions of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging and how front line leaders in construction can demonstrate an awareness of their importance.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of identity and how each person has their own story of who they are and the dimensions of identity that are important to them.
  • Provide a fundamental understanding of the business case for diversity.
  • Learn to apply the six inclusive leadership skills of front-line leaders. 
  • Understand the connection between identity and implicit bias (we all have implicit bias).
  • Practice conducting staff and construction site meetings that exemplify inclusive leadership.
  • Learn new methods to communicate and build relationships across difference.
  • Practice intervening for inclusion.
  • Practice conducting courageous conversations.
  • Learn to lead  with an equity framework.