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Men’s DEI Masterclass

(Get out of the crouch.)

Do you feel like you are leading from a crouched position?

Lead confidently again by growing your skills, knowledge, and tactics on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

High-performing leaders need DEI proficiency.

Join our 12 week masterclass DEI accelerator and start taking an active role in building inclusivity in your organization.

Working with other successful male leaders you will…

  • Dramatically accelerate and deepen your understanding and literacy about DEI&B

  • Develop confidence and competence creating partnerships across difference

  • Identify and overcome self-imposed barriers that hold you back interpersonally and professionally from supporting and leading DEI

  • Build your own DEI leadership plan to sponsor, support and lead DEI

  • Learn how to measure and evaluate progress in ways that go beyond representation


  • This program offers 12 hours of cohort-based leadership development  across 12 weeks.
  • Participants have the option to attend a one-hour “Peer Advisory” coaching session with an open agenda during the off weeks.
  • This program is facilitated by the experts and facilitators of Jim Morris Consulting, under the leadership of Jim himself.
  • This program is designed for men, allies, and advocates for equity, as well as executives, VPs, directors, and people leaders.
  • Participants will receive a 1-year subscription to the Inclusion Channel™ digital learning platform.

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