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Executive Learning Series

Beyond Compliance: Creating Genuine Change in the Workplace

If you spend a lot of time lobbying for engagement in DEI&B (diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging) efforts in your organization, you are not alone. Between ambivalence and downright resistance, it is hard for many organizations to get the level of engagement they need to bring about real change. Don’t let the rumor mill or baseless claims designed to spark fear interfere with progress. It is time to establish a new social contract. Learn how to face and confront resistance with courage and grace. Even though you may be further down the path with your DEI&B efforts than those who are just getting started, you may not realize that there are proven ways to get everyone to the DEI&B table. You and your team can learn them.

This workshop will teach you how to:

  • Lay out the business and practical case for DEI&B
  • Overcome DEI&B resistance with grace
  • Leverage diversity and inclusion as a catalyzer instead of as a divider
  • Design meetings, workshops, team discussions, and events in ways that create positive partnerships with all employees

Resistance and  skepticism can be a cultural barrier to progress in organizations, but it is also be an opportunity to create genuine partnerships across difference.  The goal isn’t to change people’s beliefs, but rather to help everyone make positive shifts in their behavior.

The approaches and strategies practiced in this workshop are described in “Gaslights and Dog Whistles – Standing Up for Facts Over Fiction in a Fearful and Divided World”.

Note: This is a 6-hour workshop in full, but 2-hour introductory sessions are currently being offered.

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Leading and Sponsoring the DEI&B Journey

This engaging 2-4 hour experiential workshop will accelerate the launch process for organizations that are just beginning their inclusion journey, or for those that are ready to more deeply commit to the next level of progress. Geared for executive-level leaders, this session offers a balance of  what to DO and how to BE in terms of leading and committing to the organization’s DEI&B Journey. 

Many Paths, One Aligned Direction – There is no one way for an organization to “do” DEI&B. Each organization launches its journey differently based on what the current business needs and  internal capabilities are.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to start creating a DEI&B roadmap with goals and objectives
  • Gain insight into the roles and behaviors effective sponsors adopt that help sustain progress
  • Discover next steps to begin or deepen YOUR DEI&B journey
  • Begin to practice new diversity partnership skills

Increase your leadership effectiveness (and your organization’s results) – “Feel, Learn, Act” your way into higher performance. Feel means learning to hear and appreciate the lived experience of different people and groups within your organization. Learn involves discovering new ways for you to incorporate what you learn into your daily leadership practice. Act requires having the confidence, vision, and a plan for how you and your direct reports get DEI&B work done.

Note: This is a 6-hour workshop in full, but 2-hour introductory sessions are currently being offered.

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