Frequently Asked Questions

We can’t speak for other DEI consultants. Here’s what WE do:
Partner with organizations to maximize their investments integrating DEI so that it sticks. Using activities like coaching, leadership development, and engagement strategies we help organizations realize equity on a practical level.

Two major areas of improvement are the degree to which dominant or insider group leaders engage in DEI initiatives, and the ability to recruit and retain diverse talent pools. When those two results improve, we begin to see better business solutions, a more satisfied client base, and a healthier organizational culture.

Two big reasons:

  1. The practices of DEI are essential in helping our increasingly complex society evolve in ways that benefit everyone.
  2. Organizations that include DEI as part of how they operate produce better results.

HR may oversee or support DEI, but that doesn’t always work. When DEI is embedded in HR it frequently becomes a check-the-box activity focused on compliance rather than generative outcomes. We like to see DEI as a collaborative cross-organizational effort to maximize impact.

We recommend starting with executives and senior level employees.

No. We do work with legal and other teams on integration of DEI.

Now you’re talking our language! Unfortunately, many people have had negative experiences with DEI due to feeling shame or blame for societal injustices. We steer away from shame, or trying to convince people and instead help those who have been misinformed gain new perspectives on the benefits of DEI.

People who know the most about DEI&B in any society are those who have to confront it daily, and not necessarily by choice. Typically, the group that has the most legal and procedural power is not the same group that has to know more about DEI&B to create inclusion. We have unique insights to support those in the insider or dominant culture to take a more active role in DEI&B given Jim’s identity. We also work with a variety of diverse facilitators and consultants to get the job done in the most impactful and efficient way.

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