Our workshops foster transformative learning experiences, empowering organizations to cultivate inclusive cultures.

Stand Up for DEI Workshop

A free 90 minute workshop every six weeks, hosted by Jim and fellow experts. Collaboratively explore current topics in DEI&B and the counter-DEI movement. Discover new resources to advocate for your work and debunk the falsehoods.

"The webinar was so great. Equally as important as the information Jim shared was the opportunity to hear from other participants and what they are experiencing. Thank you for sharing your work, and facilitating good conversations."
Gloria Hatch
Senior Specialist

Inclusion is for Everyone
(and we mean everyone)

Organizations that get a critical mass of employees engaged in DEI&B (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging) activities produce better results, but ambivalence and resistance to the work will hold you back. You need EVERYONE on board, and we can help you get there.

Discover how to...

Allies in Equity

This immersive workshop expedites the launch process for new diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging programs by equipping leaders with the skills and tools needed to lead and sponsor organizational programs, policies, and practices. Tailored for executive-level leaders, this session strikes the balance between actionable strategies and cultivating the right mindset to lead the organization's DEI&B journey. Participants have the opportunity to create comprehensive DEI&B roadmaps with clear goals and objectives. In person and virtual options available.

"The insights and tools shared during the training have been invaluable in enhancing our understanding of DEI issues and equipping us with the knowledge and skills to contribute to a more inclusive organizational culture. I am confident that the emphasis on DEI will not only benefit our employees but also enhance the overall effectiveness of Centra."
HR Employee Relations Consultant
Centra Health

Men’s DEI Masterclass

Male leaders who want to contribute to DEI&B solutions are held back by their own self-doubt or colleagues who assume that they are clueless. Men play an important role in DEI&B success, but they rarely are able to reach their full potential to this end. This 12-week group coaching style Masterclass equips men with the necessary skills, understanding, and support to confidently and gracefully foster inclusivity.

Participants will...

Equity in Action
Executive Accelerator

Going from learning events to implementation of DEI&B plans is a crucial sticking point for organizational success. This immersive, retreat-style format brings together leaders from across the organization to explore the necessary shifts in process, practice, and structure to support a strategic culture shift. Virtual or in-person options available. Information on existing programs, culture, and engagement is required in advance of this workshop.

Participants will...

Our Approach

Our approach is simple, yet powerful: Feel it (training), Learn it (what’s holding back progress), and Act (create genuine workplace change).

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