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Stand Up for DEI

Amidst indifference and outright opposition, numerous organizations struggle to garner the necessary engagement for meaningful change. Refuse to let hearsay or unfounded accusations intended to instill fear hinder progress. Discover how to bravely and gracefully confront resistance and distracting rhetoric.

Discover how to…

Present a compelling business case for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Overcome resistance to DEI with poise. Understand the significance of critical Race Theory and its relevance. Establish DEI meetings and learning strategies that minimize resistance and defensiveness. Champion the inclusion of authentic U.S. history in education.

Inclusion Means EVERYONE

If you find yourself dedicating significant time to advocating for engagement in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B) within your organization, you are not alone. Navigating the challenges of ambivalence and outright resistance makes it difficult for many organizations to achieve the necessary level of engagement for genuine transformation. You and your team can acquire these skills.

Discover how to…

Articulate the business and practical case for DEI&B. Gracefully overcome resistance to DEI&B efforts. Harness diversity and inclusion as catalysts rather than dividers. Design meetings, workshops, team discussions, and events in ways that foster positive partnerships among all employees.

Allies In Equity: Leading and Sponsoring DEI

This immersive workshop, spanning 2-4 hours, is designed to expedite the launch process for organizations embarking on their inclusion journey or those ready to deepen their commitment to progress. Tailored for executive-level leaders, this session strikes a balance between actionable strategies and cultivating the right mindset to lead and fully dedicate to the organization’s DEI&B journey.

Discover how to…

Initiate the creation of a comprehensive DEI&B roadmap with clear goals and objectives. Gain valuable insights into the roles and behaviors of effective sponsors that contribute to sustaining progress. Identify the next steps to embark on or advance your DEI&B journey.

Men’s DEI Masterclass

Men, particularly cisgendered, straight white men, hold a unique and crucial position in fostering inclusive organizations. Often, male leaders desiring to contribute to DEI solutions report they are either plagued with self-doubt about how to do it right, or others assume they are too clueless to help. This comprehensive 12-week DEI Masterclass equips you with the necessary insights and support to confidently and gracefully fulfill that role.

Discover how to…

Significantly expedite and deepen your understanding and proficiency in DEI&B. Recognize and overcome self-imposed barriers that hinder your interpersonal and professional support for DEI&B. Construct your personalized DEI leadership plan to actively sponsor, support, and lead DEI initiatives. Learn effective methods to measure and evaluate progress beyond mere representation.

Equity in Action Executive Accelerator

Transitioning from learning events to implementing organizational change is a critical and challenging step for any organization. To invigorate this process, we offer an immersive retreat-based format, bringing together leaders from across the organization to collectively explore.

Discover how to…

Deepen interpersonal and communication skills in fostering belonging, inclusion, and equity. Consider multiple equity elements when developing plans, practices, and policies. Enhance systems thinking abilities to design effective strategies for equity engagement. Contribute to the creation or revision of the organizational roadmap.


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